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Scholarships by Public Bodies

Greek State Scholarships Foundation A schedule of scholarship competitions is issued annually for postgraduate studies, doctoral and post-doctoral research and training in Greece in all fields of study. Candidates sit for examinations in their fields of interest. Scholarships are awarded to those who excel in the competition. Scholarships are also available to foreigners, while there are provisions for financial support at an undergraduate level for native Greeks living abroad. 4 Lysikratous St., 10558 Makrygianni, Athens
tel.: +30-210 -3254385-9,
fax.: +30-210-3321863, +30-210-3312759
Ministry of National Education & Religious Affairs a) The Department of Legacies manages the endowments for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Greek Universities.
b) The Directorate of Student Affairs manages the scholarships offered by the Greek State to foreign students.
c) The Directorate of International Education Relations manages scholarships for postgraduate studies, post-doctoral research and summer courses in the Greek Language & Culture for foreigners originating from developing countries. These courses are offered in the context of International Organizations (DAC/OECD) initiatives, particularly as regards aid to developing countries.
15 Metropoleos 15678 Athens,
Dept. of Legacies
tel. +30-210-3246057
Directorate of Student Affairs
tel. : +30-210-3228011
Directorate of International Education Relations,
Ministry of Industry, Energy & Technology
(General Directorate for R&T)
In the context of ôMobility of Researchersö this Ministry manages scholarships in the fields of research and technology for acquisition of doctoral or post-doctoral degrees. These scholarships are offered for research in the E.U. member states. 4-18, Mesogeion 11527 Athens
tel. +30-210-6911122, 7752222
fax: +30-210-7711205, 7713810
Ministry of Foreign Affairs This Ministry manages scholarships by native and foreign sources for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Greece. Contact Ministry of Economy:
Tel.: +30-210 - 3286107
General Secretariat for Sports Scholarships offered to pupils, students and athletes. 25, Panepistimiou, Athens
tel. +30-210-3294178
General Secretariat for Research & Technology Announces scholarship competitions for doctoral studies and research in Greece. These are offered on the basis of the PENED and O.P. ôInformation Societyö programmes.  
Hellenic Organization for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises & Handicraft (EOMMEX) Scholarships are offered for further studies in the member states of the European Community. 6, Xenias St. 11528 Athens
tel.: +30-210-4791100
fax: +30-210-7715025
Organization for Vocational Education and Training (¤.┼.┼.╩.) Scholarships available to I.E.K. (Min. of Edu. competence) students. One candidate is selected per department on the basis of academic performance (GPA over 15). Scholars receive a lump sum of ?200 and are exempt from tuition and fees for the semester to follow. Each year approximately 14% of public I.E.K. students are scholars. 1, Elioupoleos Hymettos, Athens
tel.: +30-210-9793200
Hellenic Open University (H.O.U.) Scholarships in the form of total or partial discount against fees and cost of studies are available to students who are selected on the basis of economic, social and academic performance criteria. 6 Sahtouri & Ag. Andreou, 26 222, Patras
tel.: 2610 362564 - 361415
Fax: 2610 361420
Academy of Athens Scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate or other special studies are available. The funds come from endowments to the Academy of Athens. 28, Panepistimiou Athens
tel. +30-210-3600207/9
NCSR- DEMOKRITOS Scholarships available to Aĺ level researchers (Law 1514/85) that are PhD holders with experience in the relevant field of research. Patriarhou Gregoriou & Neapoleos, Ag. Paraskevi
tel.: +30-210-6503000
The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece Scholarships to foreign students pursuing theological studies in Greece. The Church of Greece 14, Ioannou Genadiou, Athens
tel.: +30-210- 7272263-4

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